This section contains HMWs current 'non-rolling' stock and miscellaneous items


* Desert Skin Pack *

This masterpiece of an add-on pack includes skins for the following units:

AEC AA, DeHavilland DH2, Bristol FB-2, Fokker EIII, Fokker DVIII, British MK4 Heavy tank (two skin variants), Captured German MK4, Static MK4, Captured German MK4

These magnificient skins were done by Andy C =V67= and this add-on is proudly hosted by Harman Motor Works. Click here to download.


* WWI Mission Builders Pack *

This is a pack download that contains MANY assorted units for OP-WWI and is essential for download and installation if you wish to play the campaign missions that are included with the brand new driveable tank release, the British MKIV and also any new driveable tanks we make in the future!

This pack is also recommended because you can use the units contained in it to make your very own missions. Here's a list of the units included in the WWI Mission Builders Pack, see the readme included in the download for more information:

Static British MKIV, Static Captured MKIV, Static A7V unit, Static FT-17, Ambient Sounds (4), Axis Checkpoint, Barbed Wire Twist, Barricades (4 types), Large Factory Ruin, German Gun Nest, GP2 Crates 1, Ruins (4 types), Rubble Pile, Artillery barrage

Click here to download.